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By: Rogelio Alvarez on April 2nd, 2024

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What Is Air Conditioner Maintenance for Los Angeles Homes?

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Like car maintenance, caring for an AC can help decrease the chances of early breakdowns. Much like a car, there's maintenance that a person can do on their own or with the assistance of a professional. But what exactly is AC maintenance and what does it include? 

For nearly two decades, we at Monkey Wrench have serviced thousands of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in homes all over Los Angeles and neighborhoods beyond our service area, like Oxnard and Riverside. We've seen how a lack of maintenance can cause long-term problems and unexpected emergency repairs for air conditioners. 

To help prevent and decrease the chances of early AC breakdowns, we'll cover the following topics in this article.

  • What does AC Maintenance include 
  • Types of AC maintenance 
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) and professional maintenance

After consuming this information, you'll be able to improve your AC maintenance habits and schedule professional maintenance, knowing what will be done. 

Let's jump right in!


What Does AC Maintenance Include?

Central air conditioning system maintenance includes inspecting, cleaning, and servicing the unit to make sure it's operating effectively and efficiently. Homeowners can maintain their ACs with easy at-home care, and certified technicians can use their tools and knowledge to provide a more in-depth tune-up.

Routine AC maintenance can provide the following benefits.

  • Extend the lifespan of AC 
  • Maintain good airflow
  • Helps improve air quality 
  • Optimizes energy efficiency
  • May reduce the chances of a breakdown

Alternatively, neglecting air conditioning system care and upkeep can lead to the following issues.

  • Lower the lifespan of AC
  • Obstructed airflow
  • Decreased indoor air quality
  • Negatively impact energy efficiency 
  • Higher energy bills due to loss of energy efficiency
  • Early breakdowns

There's no denying the impact of air conditioner maintenance, and in the following section, we'll highlight the types of AC care available. 


Types of AC Maintenance 

Air conditioner maintenance can be divided into DIY and professional care. The biggest difference between the two is that professional maintenance involves a certified technician with specialized tools and knowledge who tests and diagnoses various parts of an air conditioner. 

Professional AC care is available for a cost, whereas DIY maintenance is free except for any required air filter purchases. Still, both a homeowner and a technician can do plenty of maintenance. 

Starting with DIY care, here's a closer look at AC maintenance homeowners can perform independently. 


DIY AC Maintenance

Basic DIY upkeep on an air conditioner can be beneficial in the long run of owning an AC. With just a few basic tools and a pack of new air filters, homeowners can perform their maintenance on their air conditioner system in less than 60 minutes. 

Here's a closer look at the DIY AC upkeep homeowners can do.

  • Change the air filter: Air filter replacements are one of the most important maintenance tasks a homeowner can do and should be replaced every three months. The filters are located in the blower motor and the return duct, which varies by location in every home. There are various types of filters available, but they all take less than 10 minutes to replace.
  • Dust off surfaces: AC units can get dirty and dusty. With a cleaning cloth, homeowners can clean the surfaces of their air conditioners. Filters do a great job of catching dust, but cleaning the surfaces of the cooling systems can help keep debris from slipping into the unit.
  • Visually inspecting connections: Although many ductwork and connections are located within a home's walls, some are visible. Homeowners can check the connections to ensure they're in good condition and damage-free. 
  • Cleaning the outdoor unit: Air conditioners with outside units are prone to getting dirty with debris such as dirt and leaves. Homeowners can clean and sweep around the unit to remove the debris. This helps prevent any unwanted objects from causing obstructions.

Although DIY maintenance seems like a lot, even changing an air filter can lead to better-performing air conditioners over time. For example, an air filter that has yet to be replaced is more likely to gather dust on some internal parts. The piles of debris on air conditioner parts can cause the system to overload and consume more energy than needed to produce cool air. 

A certified HVAC technician can also complete all of the maintenance that a homeowner can do on their air conditioner. 


Professional AC Maintenance

Professional technicians can perform more thorough air conditioner maintenance. Their years of experience, combined with specialized training and a wide range of tools, can ensure a central AC system is well taken care of. 

By contacting a technician, homeowners can expect the following AC maintenance. 

  • Refrigerant pressure check
  • An in-depth inspection of the internal parts of an AC.
  • Test airflow
  • Inspect ductwork for damage or obstructions
  • Duct cleaning
  • Air filter replacement
  • Check wiring and tighten connections 
  • Apply lubricant to bearings

If underlying issues are found during a maintenance service call, a technician will advise the homeowner to schedule repairs immediately or at a later date. To help with annual AC maintenance, some companies offer special home protection plans that include heating and cooling tune-ups.


Wrapping AC Maintenance

Very few things beat the feeling of an air-conditioned room after coming in to escape the heat. Now that you're aware of what air conditioner maintenance is and its importance, you can start by changing out the air filters and scheduling a technician to come and provide further care to your AC.

From Ventura to Orange County, we at Monkey Wrench have seen how valuable air conditioners are during the hot summer months. After providing maintenance to homeowners throughout the area, we've seen how much more valuable air conditioners are with some care and upkeep. 

If you're interested in central air conditioning maintenance, contact us using any of the buttons below. You can also directly schedule AC maintenance through our online HVAC scheduler