Gas Line Repair & Installation in Los Angeles


Professional Gas Plumbing in the Greater LA Area

A lot of houses in and around Los Angeles run on natural gas. Gas lines are effective and efficient, but can also be deadly when they aren't handled correctly. If you think something is wrong with your gas line, do not attempt to handle the problem yourself! A tiny spark with just a little natural gas can lead to a huge explosion.

Suspect a gas leak? Immediately vacate your home and call your local gas company to report the problem. Then, give Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air a call at (310) 773-3882.

Common Gas Line Problems We Handle

Whether you need gas line installation, repair, or maintenance in Los Angeles, our team has the experience and training necessary to get the job done in no time.

Call us immediately if you detect the following:

  • Gas Smell: And we're not talking about just an everyday flatulence. If you start smelling rotten eggs, it could mean a leak has occurred. Turn off the gas valve and call our experts.
  • Leaks: Our technicians can dig to find the source of the leak and take care of the problem. Don't worry, we'll leave your yard as we found it, with everything cleaned up after we leave.
  • No Hot Water: If the flowers or grass are discolored in a certain area of your property, it could indicate a gas leak. In some cases, your water heater's pilot light may just need to be relit. Call us to find out!
  • Erosion: In some areas, the type of soil can erode the gas line. Our technicians can repair or replace the gas lines if this has happened.

Whatever plumbing problems you're up against, you can count on our team to help your home get back up and running again in no time. We are all about our customers, providing you with superior service and quality repairs. When you schedule a service with us, we give you accurate time frames and make sure to send text messages when we're on the way! Lastly, we keep all of our paperwork digital to reduce paper waste and keep the planet blue and green.

Call (310) 773-3882 to schedule a gas line repair or installation service with Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air today!

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