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Are you looking for reliable, rapid plumbing services in Los Angeles? Whether you are dealing with a broken toilet, cracked pipes, or a clogged kitchen drain, our skilled technicians at Monkey Wrench Plumbing are committed to creating effective solutions fast, so you don’t have to wait a minute longer in your state of distress. Even if you are stuck in the most extreme situations and need to call us last minute, we will be ready to offer our full support to aid you in your hour of need.

We proudly serve customers throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area, including:

From beginning to end, our plumbing experts are ready to complete the job quickly and accurately. Always custom-oriented, we tailor our plans to your individual needs. We also offer brand-new installations of the highest quality and efficiency if you are just moving into a new home. Alternatively, if you are performing a chic remodeling project, we can update and replace your fixtures, heaters, pipes, sinks, and showers to the contemporary modern style, using state-of-the-art equipment. No matter what plumbing work or installation you require, our experts are equipped to customize our service to your complete satisfaction.

Call us today at (310) 773-3882 so that Monkey Wrench Plumbing can peel away every one of your plumbing and drain anxieties.

Why Use a Professional Expert?

You may be wondering whether it is really necessary to call a professional plumber. Perhaps you yourself have already had good success with other DIY projects. However, no matter how handy you are at home, there are certain jobs you should leave to the experts.

Trying to tackle major blockages in drains and pipes or fixing delicate plumbing fixtures will often plunge you into a deeper mess than the one currently obstructing your toilet. We have repeatedly found that homeowners who attempt to solve these challenges on their own end up making the problem worse and the solution more challenging and costly to achieve. Rather than cracking your pipe further or accidentally breaking the toilet seat, just flip on the TV and chill while our skilled professionals handle the dirty work for you.

We offer a vast span of plumbing services including:

People-Friendly & Eco-Friendly

At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, we are all about our customers, which is why we tailor our services and prices to your individual needs. Never expect an automatic, boring response from our end! We're also focused on keeping the water blue and the planet green, which is why all of our contact services and resources are available online to avoid paper waste. By being people-friendly and eco-friendly, we're determined to make Los Angeles a better place, one pipe at a time.

Contact us now at (310) 773-3882 so that our handy technicians can lend a hand and keep your hands clean in the process.

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What Makes Monkey Wrench So Badass?

  • Uniformed Techs

    We’re professional looking dudes and we keep your home clean when we’re in it!

  • Highly Trained

    We are fully trained to handle any job you’ve got- put the duct tape down and call us!

  • Hassle-Free

    The staff at Monkey Wrench is a friendly bunch that are here to make your life easier!

  • Eco-Friendly

    We’re all about keeping water blue and the planet green- everything we do is digital.