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 As a Los Angeles homeowner, you may be looking into making updates or upgrades to your digs. While you could always remodel the kitchen, one upgrade that you might want to consider is switching from a traditional water heater to a tankless one. Not only do these units provide you with unlimited hot water, they also cut your monthly costs significantly.

At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air, we provide top-notch repair, installation, and maintenance of tankless water heaters in Los Angeles and throughout the Greater LA area. We service and install a range of quality brands, including Noritz, Navien, Takagi, and more. We don't monkey around when it comes to making your tankless water heater upgrade a five-star experience!


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Just like any other appliance, you may require tankless water heater repair in Los Angeles. If you're experiencing any issues with your unit, such as lack of hot water, unusual temperature fluctuations, error messages on your system, or discolored hot water, give Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air a call. Our tankless water heater plumbers are expertly trained and can diagnose and fix any plumbing problem you may be having.

What is a Tankless Water Heater?

​Unlike traditional tank-style water heaters, a tankless water heater connects directly to your plumbing to provide you with hot water on demand whenever you need it, without waiting for a tank to reheat.

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The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

  • Energy efficient & cost saving: A tankless water heater only heats water when you need it, saving you money on your monthly energy bills.
  • Endless hot water: Since there's no tank, you won't have to wait for 40 gallons to reheat before you get hot water again - you'll have unlimited hot water.
  • Long lasting: With the proper care, tankless water heaters can last 15, 20, and even 25 years before needing to be replaced.
  • Space Saver: Without the bulkiness of a tank, tankless water heaters can fit in small places and take up very little space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does a tankless water heater work?
  • Do tankless water heaters require maintenance?
  • How much do tankless water heaters cost?

These are just a few of the most commonly asked questions about tankless water heaters. Check out our FAQ video to learn more about tankless water heaters.