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Just east of the infamous Tinseltown lies its charming cousin, East Hollywood. This neighborhood shares quite a few of its star-studded streets (along with the traffic-choked 101 freeway) with Hollywood, without the seedier reputation. A diverse intersection of multiple nationalities and cultures, East Hollywood boasts beautiful vintage buildings in the Art-Deco style, combining an Old-World feel with trending, hipster styles.

Because many of the buildings in East Hollywood were built several decades ago, they are filled with a retro flavor that comes at a surprisingly affordable price, especially for aspiring artists, actors, entrepreneurs, students, and bustling families looking to make La-La-land their home. The only issue is that even though many East LA homes retain their 1960s' style glamour, their piping systems display all of the age and none of the charm. Don't let your East Hollywood dreams go down the drain, however, because our formidable team at Monkey Wrench Plumbing is here to solve your plumbing issues fast. Whether this means repairing old pipes or completely replacing your drain system with modern, cutting-edge furnishings, we can address all your plumbing service needs in East Hollywood.

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Modern Replacements & Installations

A common fear people rightly worry about today is the idea of gentrification, the process of renovating a neighborhood’s look and character so much that it pushes out locals for an influx of affluent, upper-class snobs. As many of our experts and technicians are natives who have lived locally in East Hollywood all their lives, we would never want to push out families who have resided here for centuries.

However, installing the modern conveniences of toilets that actually flush and drains that actually drain can hardly be called gentrification. No matter your supposed label of class or status, our simple goal is giving you your deserved right to the pursuit of happiness in the form of some "me-time" in the bathroom. As every artist knows, our most creative thoughts either hit us in the shower or on the pot, so that's what our company is all about. We keep our prices and service old-school and family-friendly so that you can enjoy your new bathroom in peace.

A Vast Variety of Plumbing Support

Our technicians come equipped to handle issues, installations, repairs, and replacements of any plumbing service, including those dealing with:

Professional Integrity You Can Count On

There is no need to get your hands dirty when you can count on the highly trained expertise of our team members at Monkey Wrench Plumbing. Every one of our technicians is equipped with tested knowledge and practice at solving even the most challenging issues. For all of your plumbing service needs in East Hollywood, we’ve got you covered.

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