Navien is regarded as one of the best manufacturers of tankless water heaters, but that doesn’t mean their water heaters are error-free. Your home may not have hot water due to an error code appearing on the tankless water heater. Seeing an error code pop out on a Navien tankless water heater screen isn’t ideal.

Since 2007, we’ve inspected, diagnosed, and addressed Navien’s error codes for tankless water heaters installed in homes all over Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. These codes may not always appear, but when they do, it helps to work with certified technicians who have successfully fixed these Navien error codes.

Before we can break down what Navien error code E003 means, we want to acknowledge that this issue will require assistance from a technician to inspect and diagnose the error code before applying a fix. Unplugging and plugging your Navien tankless water heater will only temporarily clear the error code E003 but will not resolve the problem.

Luckily, this article will break down what Navien error code E003 means so that you can better understand what is happening with your tankless water heater when it comes time to speak with a technician.

Let’s get started!

What Does Navien Error Code E003 Mean?

Error code E003 on a Navien tankless water heater indicates an ignition failure. Tankless water heaters have an internal ignition system that allows the unit to heat water. One of the symptoms of error code E003 is a lack of hot water in a home.

Ignition failure can occur for various reasons, causing error code E003 to appear. Here are a few reasons why this error code appears.

  • Igniter not operating: A crucial part of the ignition system, the igniter is responsible for creating the spark that ignites the gas that produces the flame that heats water. Navien uses an electricity-powered igniter inside their tankless water heaters.
  • Gas valve assembly problem: The overall gas valve assembly is made up of different parts that work together to regulate and control gas flow in a safe and efficient manner. An issue with these components can cause ignition failure inside a tankless water heater.
  • Flame sensor rod issue: Also known as a flame rod, this part is a critical component of a gas-powered tankless water heater because it helps detect the presence of a safe and stable flame. The piece itself is a metal rod that communicates with Navien’s tankless water heater’s control board when there’s a consistent and safe flame present.

These are just three of the most common scenarios that indicate an ignition failure that causes error code E003. This specific error code has other possible causes, but only a technician can inspect and diagnose the problem. Once the root cause of the error code is identified, technicians can start looking at different options to address the issue.

So, How Do You Fix Navien Error Code E003?

Navien error code E003 can appear for different reasons, but the only way to fix it is to call a technician. Diagnosing and fixing E003 requires a technical background in tankless water heaters that only a professional can have. A technician can take one to two hours to complete the repair, but the total completion time will vary.

Before searching for different technicians, get a head start on a tankless water heater repair by learning about their repair costs. Once the technician arrives at your Navien tankless water heater, they will perform an inspection on the water heater. This helps identify the issue and ensure that it is isolated to the tankless water heater only.

The technician will inspect the different parts and assemblies that make up the ignition system of the tankless water heater. Once the issue is found, any of the faulty or broken parts will usually be replaced.

If the tankless water heater is under Navien’s warranty, the technician can contact Navien support to start a claim. If the technician has the required part on hand, they can replace it, or homeowners may have to wait, on average, between three to five business days for the part to arrive from Navien. Once the repair is completed, the technician will run a few tests to ensure the tankless water heater works properly.

Error code E003 is fixable, but yearly tankless water heater maintenance is the best way to decrease the chances of early breakdowns and error codes. It isn’t the only code that can appear, however.

Dealing with Other Error Codes?

Instead of running into a lack of hot water or other tankless water heater issues, homeowners can stay on top of any error codes by connecting to Navien’s NaviLink app to get notifications on error codes as soon as they appear. If you end up seeing another error code, learn more about the 5 most common Navien error codes and how to fix them.

Still, annual maintenance is crucial in ensuring you have a small chance of dealing with error codes. Maintenance also helps extend the lifespan of a Navien tankless water heater to ensure it operates for 10 to over 15 years.

Up to Speed with Navien Error Code 003

Error code E003 can be a headache to deal with. Fortunately, with acquired knowledge of what it is and how it can be fixed, you can feel confident in knowing the next steps in resolving your Navien tankless water heater issue.

For 15-plus years, we’ve partnered with Navien to provide our technicians with hands-on technical training to prepare them for any error codes or issues that may arise with their tankless water heaters. By combining our on-site knowledge with certified training, we at Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric are fully confident in diagnosing and repairing any issue with Navien tankless water heaters.

If you are currently dealing with an error code on your Navien tankless water heater, contact us using one of the buttons below. You can also directly book an appointment with our technician through our online tankless water heater repair scheduler.

To ensure that your Navien tankless water heater is cared for throughout its lifespan, consider learning about a Home Protection Plan that includes annual tankless water heater maintenance.

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