There’s no denying the crucial importance of a working toilet. So when issues start occurring with your toilet, it could be a sign to replace it instead of committing to repetitive repairs.

At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, we’re more than happy to repair minor toilet issues. Still, we’ve also seen how installing a new toilet can eliminate any stress related to an inoperable toilet. Our certified technicians have replaced toilets in hundreds of homes in various cities throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding counties.

With over 15 years of experience, we have witnessed the various conditions of toilets that are signs it’s time to replace them with a new toilet. The top five signs it’s time for a toilet replacement include.

  • Leakage
  • Cracks
  • Not flushing
  • Old age
  • Cosmetic upgrade

After reading more about the obvious signs it’s time for a toilet replacement, you’ll be able to move forward with finding a new toilet that will make you feel like royalty sitting on a porcelain throne.

Common Toilet Issues

Millions of homeowners in Los Angeles use their toilets daily, and a couple of these may be dealing with frequent issues with their toilets. A working toilet is necessary for using the bathroom as needed.

Before we dive into describing the different scenarios where a toilet replacement is necessary, you may want to check out our beginner’s guide on how a toilet works. By familiarizing yourself with the basics of toilets, you can have an even deeper understanding of how these issues can require you to seek a toilet replacement.

One of the most common issues is a leaking toilet, the first sign you may need to replace your toilet.

Toilet Leaking

A leaking toilet is never a good sign and could indicate a crack somewhere on the toilet or one of the parts is broken. Unfortunately, slapping some tape on the source of the leak won’t always fix a leaking toilet. Even if the toilet flushes fine, a broken or cracked toilet should be replaced.

Homeowners will immediately identify a leak if they notice a small body of water. The leakage could be evident if you notice water leaking from the water supply valve and connection. In some cases, the base of the toilet may be leaking waste, which will look nasty and smell bad.

Besides leaking, if a toilet isn’t flushing correctly, it could be another sign that it’s time for a toilet replacement.

Toilet Not Flushing

After using the restroom, no homeowner wants to experience their toilet not flushing. Homeowners will immediately notice if they use the toilet handle and it doesn’t flush at all.

A toilet not flushing requires immediate attention and could occur for various reasons, which may or may not require a toilet replacement. The most common reason could be an issue with the toilet’s flush assembly.

The flush assembly is in the toilet’s tank and consists of a lift lever, flapper, and chain. When a toilet handle is pushed down, it pulls the chain and opens a flush valve. This action also creates a siphon that pulls any water in the toilet down into the drain pipe.

If there’s anything defective or broken with these parts, then a toilet cannot flush. Some of these parts, like the flapper chain, may be replaced. But if the hole near the bottom of the toilet bowl or the flush valve is broken, that’s a sure sign of a necessary toilet replacement.

Even if the toilet can flush, if it’s clogged, it will not be able to remove the waste sitting in the bowl.

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is another example where a toilet replacement may be required. If a toilet is clogged, it may back up or overflow, leading to an emergency where you’re desperately trying to unclog it with a plunger. A plunger may help unclog the toilet, but this could be a temporary solution if other underlying issues are causing the toilet to back up.

Flushing foreign objects is one of the primary ways a toilet gets clogged. Trapped objects can get stuck in the toilet’s trapway, making it nearly impossible for a plunger or snake drain to remove them.

If you’re unable to clear a clog, it’s recommended that you contact a certified plumber to come and inspect the issue further. The plumber may be able to determine if the clogged toilet can be fixed or should be replaced.

If there’s nothing wrong with your toilet, it may be time for a replacement if your current toilet is old.

Old Toilet

Once toilets reach the end of their lifespan, finding a replacement is recommended. As reliable as toilets are, they aren’t made to last forever. Factors such as the quality of the toilet, usage, and maintenance can determine how long a toilet lasts, which can be 15 to 25 years.

Old toilets are susceptible to problems previously mentioned, like leakages and clogs. Older toilets will require more frequent repairs, so it may be best to consider a replacement.

Even if the toilet isn’t old, seeking a more modern, sleek-looking toilet may encourage some homeowners to consider replacing their current toilet with a new one.

Cosmetic Upgrades to Toilet

A lot of toilets are in excellent working condition, but some homeowners may find it enticing to seek a newer replacement with a few bells and whistles. Dual-flushing toilets and wall-mounting toilets are two examples of more modern toilets that can be worth investing in.

Other toilets have built-in bidets for added comfort and hygiene that may convince some homeowners to ditch their current toilet for a more advanced one. The most advanced toilets have features that utilize integrated technology. These toilets allow users access to hands-free flushing, self-cleaning, and smartphone remote control options.

Replacing My Home’s Toilet

When the toilet in your home starts experiencing issues, there may be a chance to repair it. Sometimes, there are signs that replacing the toilet is better. By reading and understanding these signs, you can begin looking for a new toilet, whether it’s due to an emergency or a fixture upgrade.

At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, our technicians have years of experience installing and servicing toilets and everything else that falls under plumbing. We’ve seen situations where homeowners may have no choice but to consider a toilet replacement for their home in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas.

If you’re seeking a new toilet replacement, contact us using one of the buttons below. You can also book an appointment with one of our technicians through our plumbing services online scheduler.

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