Hot water is essential for any home, regardless of its size or location in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. So when it’s time to replace an aging but loyal water heater, you may come across Navien tankless water heaters as a potential replacement. The Navien NPE-A2 series of tankless water heaters are among the most trusted water heaters by homeowners and technicians alike.

Navien works with local businesses, such as Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric, to ensure our technicians are well-qualified to install, service, and maintain their different lines of tankless water heaters. Since 2007, we’ve combined our field knowledge with Navien’s specialized training to help homeowners navigate through their search for an ideal tankless water heater that best meets their hot water demands.

One of the most in-demand lines of tankless water heaters our technicians install and service is the Navien NPE-A2 series, which includes the following.

  • Navien NPE-180A2
  • Navien NPE-210A2
  • Navien NPE-240A2

This review will highlight all the essential features and specifications of the Navien NPE-A2 series. This breakdown can help determine if any of the three tankless water heaters is a suitable choice for your home.

Now, let’s jump right in.

What Are the NPE-A2 Series Tankless Water Heaters?

NPE-A2 is actually an acronym for Navien Premium Efficiency condensing tankless water heaters, and the A2 stands for the 2nd generation of advanced standard water heaters from Navien.

(The NPE-180A2, NPE-210A2, and NPE-240A2 models of tankless water heaters from the Navien NPE-A2 series.)

The three tankless water heaters that make up this line are one of the two series of Navien’s NPE water heaters, the other being the NPE-S2. The main difference between the NPE-A2 and the NPE-S2 is that the A2 line has a built-in recirculation system that shortens the time it takes for the tankless water heater to heat water. Navien’s 15-year warranty backs both series.

The main highlight of the Navien NPE-A2 series is the manufacturer’s patented ComfortFlow system, which is an assembly of parts, including a recirculation pump, that is designed to cut down the time it takes hot water to get to a desired fixture and reduce water waste.

(The ComfortFlow system from Navien is already included in the NPE-A2 tankless water heaters.)

This feature is included in all three tankless water heaters in the NPE-A2 series. The main difference between all three tankless water heaters in the NPE-A2 series is how many gallons per minute of hot water they produce and the maximum amount of energy required to heat one pound of water by one degree.

Aside from those two differences, we’ll highlight each NPE-A2 tankless water heater in the following sections so you can easily tell them apart.

Navien NPE-180A2 Tankless Water Heater

The Navien NPE-180A2 tankless water heater has a max flow of 4.3 gallons per minute (GPM). This Navien tankless water heater produces the lowest GPM in the NPE-A2 series, but that doesn’t mean it’s inferior in any way. At 4.3 GPM, the NPE-180A2 tankless water heater can simultaneously provide hot water to one or two fixtures.

Water heater technicians factor in the number of fixtures in a home, water temperature, and hot water consumption during peak usage times to size a tankless water heater for a home. The Navien NPE-180A2 is a good fit for smaller homes, but if a higher GPM flow rate is required, the Navien NPE-210A2 is the next option.

Navien NPE-210A2 Tankless Water Heater

The Navien NPE-210A2 tankless water heater has a maximum flow rate of 5.1 GPM. Even though this tankless water heater provides more hot water per minute than the NPE-180A2 water heater, it is the same size. The difference is that the NPE-210A2 has a higher heat capacity, which can convert more natural gas into energy to heat water.

Thanks to its heat capacity, the NPE-210A2 tankless water heater is capable of providing hot water to two to three fixtures simultaneously. For larger homes in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, the NPE-210A2 may not be an ideal choice for heating water. That’s when homeowners should consider the next and final tankless water in the NPE-A2 series, the NPE-240A2.

Navien NPE-240A2 Tankless Water Heater

The Navien NPE-240A2 tankless water heater offers the highest flow rate at 5.6 GPM. This tankless water heater is the most popular option among the three NPE-A2 tankless water heaters.

Despite having the highest heat capacity in the NPE-A2 series, the estimated yearly energy cost for the Navien NPE-240A2 tankless water heater is around $197. The low annual operating costs are lower than the average yearly costs of running a conventional tank-style water heater, which can cost nearly $300 to operate.

The operational costs for the NPE-240A2 are the same for all tankless water heaters in the NPE-A2 series. These tankless water heaters have the exact operating costs, but do they all have different pricing?

How Much Do the Navien NPE-A2 Tankless Water Heaters Cost?

Navien’s NPE-A2 tankless water heaters are within the price range of $1,200 to $2,300 without installation and $4,500 to $8,500 with installation. Other pricing factors besides installation impact the overall price of a Navien tankless water heater to keep in consideration.

Navien’s NPE-A2 series qualifies for rebates to help incentivize homeowners by helping with the upfront costs. Qualifying homeowners in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas who switch from a conventional to an NPE-A2 series tankless water heater can apply for up to $1,000 in rebates and $600 in federal credits.

Energy efficiency is one of the reasons why all of the NPE-A2 tankless water heaters qualify for these special rebates.

What Is the Efficiency Rating of Navien NPE-A2?

Tankless water heaters are becoming increasingly in demand due to their excellent energy efficiency, and the same applies to the Navien NPE-A2 series. All three Navien tankless water heaters have an energy efficiency rating of .96 UEF (Uniform Energy Factor). Their ability to consume less energy to heat water makes the Navien NPE-A2 more energy efficient than conventional water heaters.

Each tankless water heater has an energy cost label, and you can view the respective label for each of the three Navien tankless water heaters by clicking on its name.

These labels help homeowners compare water heaters using standards set by the U.S. Department of Energy that all manufacturers, including Navien, must abide by.

Which Navien Tankless Water Heater Is Right for Me?

Although the NPE-A2 series is made up of reliable tankless water heaters, we at Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric believe that the NPE-240A2 tankless water heater is among the best water heaters in the field. The NPE-180A2 and the NPE-210A2 are just as good, but they may not be able to meet the hot water demands of larger homes.

For 15-plus years, we’ve worked with Navien to help homeowners across Los Angeles and the surrounding areas find a suitable tankless water heater. We don’t just install and service Navien tankless water heaters; our technicians receive specialized training from Navien’s support team.

If you want to learn more about Navien’s NPE-A2 tankless water heaters, contact us using one of the buttons below. You can also request an appointment with a technician through our tankless water heater online scheduler.

To help you prepare for a new Navien tankless water heater, check out our ultimate Navien tankless water heater guide. If you’re still on the fence about Navien, learn more about how this brand’s tankless water heaters compare against other manufacturers, such as Rheem, Noritz, and Takagi.

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