What to Expect When I Call Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air for an Appointment

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It’s happened. That moment when you know you have to schedule a plumbing appointment. You’ve been dreading this. Calling a plumber is something you know you have to do, so why is it so difficult?

I, for one, hate being unprepared for anything. If I call someone up about a problem I’m having and fumble over my words, I’m going to think about it for weeks to come.

Or maybe you’re good with your words, but you want to guarantee that the information you’re giving won’t harm your privacy.

Your concerns are absolutely valid. With our 30+ years of working experience in the Los Angeles area, we can tell you people don’t like dealing with the unexpected. That’s why we at Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air made you this easy breakdown of what to expect when you call us.

Your mind will be put at ease by the end of this post because we will detail how we use your information to diagnose your issues. Also, if you use this guide to prepare, your call with our friendly call center team will be fast and straightforward.

Client on the phoneWhat to Expect When I Call Monkey Wrench Plumbing for an Appointment

Two Types of Monkey Wrench Calls


There are two types of appointment calls we get:

Scheduled - This is for concerns like yearly maintenance that aren’t emergencies.

Emergency - This is for problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible, like a flooded bathroom.

We may be able to fit a scheduled issue in today based on technician availability. So, keep that in mind when you call!


Information We’ll Ask For During the Call


When you call Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air, you’ll get connected to our helpful onsite call center. Here’s the information we’ll ask for during every call.

  1. Description of your concerns - a brief overview of your plumbing issue

  2. General contact information - the best information to get in contact with you

  3. Home information - where the home or building is and if it has any defining features

  4. Additional information - any other issues you may want your technician to look at during your appointment

Let’s break this down further, so you know everything you need.


1. Description of Concerns


We’ll ask about your concern as soon as we hop on a call with you. If you have a plumbing emergency, we can act fast!

Here are some examples of descriptions below.

Example A: I need someone out today. My bathroom is completely flooded. I was having issues with clogged drains a while back, and now something’s completely busted.

Example B: Hello, I need to schedule maintenance for a tankless water heater. I’m starting to have issues with water pressure, and the manufacturer told us to call and get it maintained.

Example C: Hi. I’ve never worked with you all before, but I’m dealing with a leaking sink. I was wondering if someone could come to take a look at it?


We’ll also ask you follow-up questions after your description. Some typical follow-up questions we ask are:

  • What type of water heater do you have? Conventional or tankless?

  • How long have you been experiencing your problem?

  • Is your water heat an indoor or outdoor unit?

  • How old is your water heater?

These questions narrow down where your issue is and help your technician diagnose your problem on your service date.


2. General Contact Information


Whether you’re a new customer or a Monkey Wrench regular, we want to make sure we can give you the best service possible. We do that by asking for your:

Name - First and last name. If you’re calling on behalf of a tenant, give us their name.

Phone number - Best phone number to reach you or your tenant.

Email - An email address you check regularly. We will send a picture and bio of your technician to this email on the day of your appointment.

We put your information in our private database to record all work we do for you. That way, if anything breaks or doesn’t work, we can file a claim to the manufacturer for you.

This is the time to let us know!


You can rest assured that:

  • We don’t sell your information

  • We don’t spam your inbox

  • We don’t pester you with sales calls

These practices are the opposite of the 5-star experience we take pride in, so we will never engage in them.



3. Home Information


This information is on the address we will be servicing. It includes the following details such as:

  • The address where the service will take place.

  • Who can approve repairs like a homeowner, landlord, or business owner.

  • The building type such as:

  1. Free-standing homes
  2. Duplexes
  3. Apartments
  4. Businesses

Also, include any information you feel would be helpful for your technician.


4. Additional Information


If there’s any extra information you can give us to help solve your problem, please tell us. Or if there’s anything you want your technician to add to your service like a:

  • Water treatment

  • Home Protection Plan (HPP)

  • Drain inspection

This is the time to let us know!


Next Steps in the Scheduling Process


Now that we’ve eased your phone call and privacy anxieties, we’ll go over what to expect next in the scheduling process. After we’ve gathered all the information for your appointment, we’ll send it to our dispatch team. Dispatch will call you back in about 20 minutes to:

  • Confirm your information

  • Select one of our available technicians who can solve your issue

  • Schedule your appointment

  • Answer any additional questions you may have

If you’re dealing with an emergency issue, dispatch will find the best technician to fix your problem today. Give our call center team a call or check out What to Expect During Your Monkey Wrench Appointment.