Anthony Navarro

By: Anthony Navarro on March 19th, 2024

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Signs It’s Time for Ductwork Replacement (Video)

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Heating and cooling systems get all the deserved praise for keeping homes fresh or warm throughout the year. This wouldn't be possible without the appropriate ductwork distributing all the air throughout a home. Good ductwork is needed to avoid interrupting airflow from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units, but how do you know when it's time to replace it?

At Monkey Wrench, we've seen ductwork in all sorts of conditions for nearly two decades. We understand the importance of ductwork's role in cooling and heating homes. 

In this video, we'll discuss the different signs that you should consider replacing your home's ductwork. Keep watching as we examine the symptoms associated with bad ductwork.

Now that you've watched and learned about the signs to replace ductwork, you can start planning for a technician visit to inspect your home's air ducts. By knowing the common signs of bad ductwork, you can engage a technician with questions about the condition of your home's air ducts. With these conversations in mind, you can confidently decide when it's time for your ductwork to be replaced. 

Since 2007, we've installed and replaced ductwork in all kinds of homes throughout the Los Angeles area. Not every home has the same layout, so our technicians are experienced in reaching the far corners of a home to inspect the ductwork.

If you're thinking of having your ductwork inspected for a possible replacement, click the buttons below. You can also book an appointment through our HVAC online scheduler

For more information on the signs it's time for a ductwork replacement, check out the article for a more in-depth read.