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By: Nicolette Forbes on August 19th, 2022

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Are Rheem Tankless Water Heaters Good?

Tankless Water Heaters

Are you interested in getting a tankless water heater but are curious if getting a Rheem is the best choice for you and your home? We understand that choosing the right tankless water heater can be an overwhelming task. There are so many different tankless water heater brands on the market, and they all cater to different needs within a household.

Rheem tankless water heaters provide high-efficiency ratings and save space, making them preferable to many homeowners. Over the years, the brand has managed to establish itself as a reputable name in the industry based on experience and quality, but we will explain all of that in this article. 

In this post, we will: 

  • Briefly touch on what a tankless water heater is
  • Discuss the different types of Rheem tankless water heaters 
  • Share some of the popular Rheem models on the market
  • Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of having a Rheem tankless water heater 
  • Help you decide if Rheem is right for you

Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air has been helping clients with all their tankless water heater questions for over 15 years. We are dedicated to giving you all the answers you seek regarding tankless water heaters so that you can make the best choice for your household needs.


What is a Tankless Water Heater?

A tankless water heater is a water heater that heats your water without the bulkiness of a tank. Unlike a conventional water heater that is storing the water inside the tank, a tankless water heater has nowhere to store it because it does not have a tank and heats the water almost instantly as it moves through the heat exchanger, ultimately providing you with an endless supply of hot water. 

Some of the popular brands of tankless water heaters include Noritz, Navien, Takagi, and of course, Rheem.


Different Kinds of Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

Rheem makes a tankless water heater for nearly every need. Their wide product line contains heaters that operate using natural gas, propane, and electricity. Rheem offers several types of tankless water heaters, including:

  • Condensing tankless water heaters
    • Rheem's condensing tankless water heaters are a popular choice among consumers. There are a total of thirteen different models broken with many different sizes available. Each unit comes with a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger. Both natural gas and propane models are available, with many being ENERGY STAR certified.

  • Mid-efficiency tankless water heaters
    • These water heaters are not as energy-efficient as the condensing series, and none are ENERGY STAR certified. They deliver a maximum flow rate between 7.0 to 9.5 GPM (gallons per minute). You can find both natural gas and propane-fueled models, as well as indoor and outdoor tankless water heaters in the Mid-Efficiency line-up. Rheem's Mid-Efficiency Tankless Water Heaters are considered non-condensing, which means that if you purchase an indoor unit, your installation costs will be much higher.
  • Electric tankless water heaters
    • Rheem also offers a wide selection of electric tankless water heaters. The electric tankless water heaters offer a 5-year limited warranty and are indoor-only appliances with 99.8% energy efficiency. The top-producing models can deliver a maximum flow rate of 8.8 GPM.


Top Rheem Tankless Water Heaters


Rheem Ikonic Series

Rheem's Ikonic Series is one of the best tankless water heaters the brand has to offer. It has just hit stores in California, and our friends at Rheem say the Iconic series is their most impressive yet. This gas-powered model can deliver instant hot water to your home due to the recirculation pump already being installed in the water heater. Typically, the pump does not come with the tankless water heater, nor is it installed already; they are usually an add-on purchased after the fact.

A picture of Rheem’s new Ikonic tankless water heater. 

The Ikonic series also comes with two heat exchangers, both made of stainless steel. This means that hard water may not affect the unit as quickly as it would with a copper heat exchanger, giving longevity to your tankless. This is especially important for Southern Californians who are highly susceptible to hard water.

Want to learn more about the differences between copper and stainless steel heat exchangers? Check out this article here as we discuss their differences as well as their pros and cons.

But back to Rheem’s Ikonic Series! While this model is suitable for all household sizes, it is better suited for smaller households with 3 people or less. If you have a larger home, you will most likely have to purchase multiple Iconic series tankless water heaters. On the bright side, if you are a fan of electronics, this bad boy is wifi compatible and can be controlled from an app on your phone.

Additionally, the Ikonic series is what we like to call “fuel convertible,” which means that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. And when it comes to warranty, the Ikonic series is covered for 12 years.


Rheem Standard R-2 Series

Rheem’s Standard R-2 Series is the brand’s most popular model on the market right now. This gas-powered model does give you the endless hot water that all tankless water heaters do, but it does not give you instant hot water like the Iconic series due to the lack of a recirculation pump. Additionally, the Standard series is suitable for all households as the models do come in different sizes. Which size you should get largely depends on your water usage needs, and we recommend that you contact a certified technician to better determine what that looks like for you.

A standard electric Rheem tankless water heater. 

The heat exchangers inside the Standard series are both copper and stainless steel, which means that you may run into early issues if you have hard water. However, you can always combat hard water by having water filtration installed in your home. Learn more about the benefits of water filtration in your home in this article here.

Additionally, much like the Iconic series, the Standard series is also wifi compatible, has a warranty of 12 years, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 


Benefits and Drawbacks of Rheem Tankless Water Heaters

Overall, going with a Rheem tankless water heater comes with many benefits and drawbacks. Some of the benefits of having a Rheem tankless water heater are: 



Rheem offers great variety for a wide range of over 300 patents on innovative home comfort products that expand to more than water heaters, including:

  • Tankless water heaters
  • Tank-type water heaters
  • Hybrid water heaters
  • Solar water heaters
  • Pool/spa heaters
  • Water softeners

You won’t find another company that offers all of these products as one manufacturer.


Environmentally Friendly 

Rheem is dedicated to leaving a small carbon footprint with its tankless water heaters and vowing to eliminate manufacturing waste by 2025. 


Safety First

Rheem water heaters automatically shut off once the water reaches a certain temperature to prevent scalding as well as technology to keep the temperature consistent.


Some of the drawbacks of having a Rheem tankless water heater include: 

Specific Parts

Rheem makes components unique for their products, meaning you will not be able to use any other parts for replacements. You will need to go through Rheem or your contractor to get substitute parts.


Professional Installation Required

Rheem requires professional installation if you want to take advantage of the warranty. If the product is installed incorrectly, it will void the warranty. Check out this article here to know how to tell if your tankless water heater has been installed incorrectly. 


Is Rheem Right For You? 

Rheem water heaters have been one of the most respected brands for decades and with good reason. They have tankless water heaters that are suitable for all household sizes, some of the units are energy efficient, and they can be easy to install. Which model you get will depend mostly on your water usage, and based on the information we shared, there are several models to choose from to suit your needs.

Want to know what size tankless water heater is right for you and how much you should expect to spend on one? If you have decided that you are ready to move forward with Rheem but are unsure of what size tankless water heater you need for your home and want to know what to expect with the costs involved, check out the articles below!

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If you live in the Los Angeles area, and you’re ready to see what a Rheem tankless water heater looks like for your home, click the ‘Book’ button below and one of our certified tankless water heater technicians would be happy to help you. Still have questions about tankless water heaters? Give us a call at 310-853-8690 or visit our water heater service page.