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By: Colton Deck on June 6th, 2023

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How Much Does a Rheem Tankless Water Heater Cost?

Tankless Water Heaters

Shopping around for a new tankless water heater can be a bit confusing, thanks to the bevy of models and not-so-transparent pricing. But we’ve got you covered when it comes to the cost of one of the most popular hardware store brands, Rheem

After over 15 years of installing and servicing tankless water heaters throughout Los Angeles County, we’ve stacked up a wealth of knowledge regarding how these machines work in and out. And while Rheem is currently one of our partnered tankless water heater brands, we stay up to date on the brand’s innovations and pricing. 

After reading this article, you’ll have a clear idea of how much a Rheem tankless water heater costs if you choose to go through an installer rather than a Home Depot contractor. You’ll also be aware of the factors that can impact the cost of a Rheem tankless water heater. So, let’s get right into it with how much a Rheem tankless water heater costs. 


How Much Does a Rheem Tankless Water Heater Cost?

Rheem’s tankless water heaters include electric point-of-use and gas-fired models. Because of this variety, giving a set price for these tankless water heaters is difficult. Instead, you can count on a Rheem tankless water heater costing anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars for an electric point-of-use model to $2,500 for a high-end gas-fired one on its own. This is just slightly more than other top brands like Navien and Noritz

Regardless of what Rheem model you choose, there are other factors that impact the cost of a Rheem tankless water heater, or, rather, tankless water heaters in general. 


Factors That Impact Cost

There are inherent costs associated with installing a tankless water heater that aren’t apparent at first. To avoid any surprise or sticker shock, take a look at the following to get a better sense of where your final investment may sit. While every installer is different, you expect some of these factors to impact the total cost by between $395 to $3,900.

These factors include the following. 

  • Installation
  • Venting
  • Water lines
  • Gas lines

To kick things off, let’s look at the biggest factor, the installation itself. 



The installation cost is the biggest factor to consider when researching Rheem tankless water heaters. There’s no accounting for every tankless water heater installer in Los Angeles, but the following information can help set expectations. 

Factoring in installation, a Rheem tankless water heater can shape up to be an investment of between $4,700 and $8,500. This price range will rely heavily on your choice of contractor and the different installation packages on offer. For instance, Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air features basic and premium installation, which comes with add-ons like water treatment, an expansion tank, and a neutralizer

Installation is a broad term, and every home’s needs are different. Because of this, there are a few key components that will play a role in the final installation cost, not least of which is venting. 



One factor that can impact the cost of a Rheem tankless water heater by a little or a lot is venting. Where the total venting cost sits is heavily dependent on the modifications needed. If your previous venting was installed incorrectly or if you needed to relocate your water heater, you’ll likely need to invest more to remedy the issues. 

On the low end, venting runs about $395. But as we said above, this can inflate depending on the space. The more venting is needed, the more your total investment will grow. To put it simply, some homes need more venting than others. 

Location is key here for more reasons than just venting too. Let’s look into a couple of other factors that can drive your total investment up or down, starting with water lines. 


Water Lines

Water lines are key because, well, they supply the water to your Rheem tankless water heater. Because they are a key player, your technician will need to verify their integrity. Older lines will have to be replaced, but there’s always the possibility of relocating them. If you choose to relocate your water lines, you’ll spend more on materials and labor. 

Restoring your water lines to serviceable quality typically runs between $395 and $995. Where your final cost hits is reliant on the state of your existing lines and whether you choose to relocate the tankless water heater.

Just like our next topic of discussion, it’s wise to account for potential water line costs since many homes in Los Angeles have older plumbing. 


Gas Lines

Did you know that most homes have gas hookups with ½-inch lines? While this sounds like a standard measurement, most tankless water heaters require ¾-inch gas lines. This factor is important to note since your technician will need to replace these ½-inch lines if you’re upgrading to a tankless water heater for the first time

Similarly to water lines, the state of your gas lines may warrant repair or replacement. This factor can catch homeowners off-guard, so it’s best to keep this one top of mind when deciding if a tankless water heater is right for you

You can expect gas line adjustments to run up to $3,900 for a large overhaul. 


Is a Rheem Tankless Water Heater for You?

Phew, that was a lot. But now, you have a better sense of what to expect when you purchase and install a Rheem tankless water heater. With this information, you can continue researching and weighing whether a Rheem tankless water heater is for you with confidence. 

Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air has worked with several reliable brands over the years, and while we’re not directly partnered with Rheem, we understand its strengths and areas for improvement. If you’re looking to pick up a tankless water heater at Home Depot and have it installed by a licensed and certified installer, Rheem is one of your best options. 

It’s never advised to base your decision on one article. If you want to keep researching, looking at popular brand comparisons like Noritz vs. Rheem can be helpful in considering all of your options. You can also read our full Rheem brand review here

New to tankless water heaters and wondering what else to consider? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Tankless Water Heaters to get up to speed. 

If you’re ready to install your Rheem tankless water heater, get in touch using the below buttons or by booking an appointment using our online scheduler