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By: Kaitlyn Schott on December 3rd, 2021

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Join Our Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air Team

Monkey Business

If you’re on the hunt for a job, you’re probably sick of slick branding and hollow-sounding descriptions. I feel your pain. 

I was recently in those frustrating trenches. When I was looking for a writing position, I got close to digging a hole and burying my laptop to put the whole thing to rest. Not everyone is a cosmic, razzle-dazzle guru, people!

Then I found Monkey Wrench Plumbing. Here I feel more supported, respected, and empowered than in any other job I’ve had. And I guarantee you will too. 

Our team is always hiring because we are serious about giving our customers a delightful and tailored plumbing experience with the best staff on the planet. If you’re damn good at what you do, we want you on our team as soon as possible.

By the end of this post, you’ll know if you’re a good fit for us and if we’re a good fit for you. To help you make that important decision, I’ll explain who we are, why you should apply, what we need from you, and why your qualifications truly matter. 


Who is Monkey Wrench Plumbing?

So, who are we? Well, the short answer is we’re a plumbing company looking to hire the right people! The longer answer is we’re a 15-year-old plumbing company that handles everything from routine residential plumbing to complex repairs. We pride ourselves on our 5-star service, and we strive to be number one in a number two business.

Right now, we work in the greater LA area with satellite locations in:

  • Monterey Park
  • Beverly Hills
  • North Hollywood
  • Santa Monica
  • Redondo Beach
  • Long Beach
  • Pasadena

As we grow, we’re looking to help more communities with their plumbing needs.


Why Should I Apply?

Why should you join the Monkey Wrench Plumbing Team? Great question, and honestly, I believe it’s one of the most important. If you don’t feel supported and appreciated, how can you be expected to do anything well? 

At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, we offer:

  • Full-time positions- We want you to be able to support yourself, so we offer full-time hours above minimum wage.
    • Health benefits - We know your health is crucial. That’s why we provide you with multiple insurance options so you can choose the best one to fit your needs.
  • Paid days off - We want you to be able to take a break. You’re not a robot, but we also understand it’s hard to take a vacation or call off sick when you’re worried about money. To help take care of your mental and physical health, we pay you during designated holidays, vacation days, and sick days.
  • Sales incentives - We believe hard work should always be rewarded. Everyone on our team has the opportunity to get cash and prizes for meeting their goals.
  • Equipment - We know that to do your best work, you need the right equipment. Some equipment we provide our team includes trucks, tablets, headsets, and multiple computer monitors.


We also offer you avenues for growth with actionable steps to get there. It’s not enough for us to say you can grow in the company and then pat yourself on the back. We invest in your growth with:

  • Weekly training - We run through scenarios, do activities, and have group discussions during meetings to help you improve week over week in a safe and controlled setting.
  • Certification - We bring industry experts into the office so you can easily get certified in everything service-related.
  • Personal development - We use a tool called the ColorCode personality test to help you understand your unique communication style and motivations. You can then use this tool to improve your communication in and out of work.
  • Check-Ins - We schedule weekly check-ins to celebrate successes, find areas for improvement, and help you get where you want to go

If these are aspects you look for in a job, I invite you to the next section.


What Skills Do I Need?

For our team, we’re looking for people who have a mixture of hard and soft skills. Let me define them because they can get a little confusing.

  • Hard skills - These skills usually show up with some sort of measurement attached to them, like being a top salesperson or working with specific software for a certain amount of years.
  • Soft skills - You can use these skills in any job, like time management or multitasking.

Some people get confused about these two sets of skills, cough-cough definitely not me, because soft skills can help you get hard skills. 

Example: Having good time management could help you become a top salesperson. 

Now, let’s get into it.


Hard Skills

The hard skills we look for in applicants are:

  • Experience in the industry - First and foremost, any industry experience stands out to us whether you’re applying to be a technician, manager, call center representative, or dispatcher. A year or more in plumbing is even better.
  • Certifications and awards - If you have anything that sets you apart from the pack, we want to see it. Show us why you’re great at what you do. 
  • Technical skills - Can you fix a water heater? Or type at 65wpm? Or operate a headset? Practice builds that muscle memory, and we’re looking for people who can flex.
  • Driver’s license - If you apply for a technician position, you’ll need a driver’s license to operate our vehicles. If you apply for an office position, you’ll just need some reliable form of transportation.

But what if I don't have all of these hard skills?" You should still apply! If you blow us out of the water, we’re going to consider you. Also, there are soft skills to take into consideration.


Soft Skills 

For soft skills, we’re looking for people who embody our core values. Want to know what our 5 core values are? Check them out here! 

Basically, we’re looking for people who are:

  • Driven - You’re not satisfied with “good enough.”  You find new ways to tackle problems and can manage your time well.
  • Team players - You can work well in a group and support your coworkers.
  • Good with people - You can talk to people comfortably and efficiently. You also work to build relationships.
  • Ethical - You’re honest and respectful. 
  • Positive- You have a good attitude even when things aren’t easy.
  • Willing to learn - You search out ways to better yourself and can take and give constructive criticism.

This list is just scratching the surface. If your skill can add to our team and help you on the job, we want to see it.


Why Are Your Qualifications Important?

You may be thinking, wow, this seems pretty in-depth for a plumbing job, and you’re absolutely right. We don’t want people who are just looking to cash a paycheck and go. I totally get being in that headspace and can respect it, but we’re not going to be a good fit for you. 

We want people who will help us create a 5-star, tailored plumbing experience for our customers. In return, we offer you all the benefits we’ve discussed, a customized career path, and all of the resources and support we can give you. 

We couldn’t get to where we are without our team. We’re eternally grateful, and we’re excited to put in the hard work to take Monkey Wrench Plumbing to the next level for our team and customers. 

If this post fired you up, I think you’ve got that Monkey Wrench spark. I personally cannot wait to meet and learn from you. Are you ready? It’s time to get to work. 

Take a deep breath, fire up your favorite tunes, and submit your application here