Anthony Navarro

By: Anthony Navarro on September 13th, 2023

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5 Best Air Filters for Asthma (Video)

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Air quality pays a huge factor when it comes to asthma, and making sure you have the right air filters to protect you or your loved ones can seem like a big task.

In this video, we'll review our top 5 picks for air filters for asthma. 

  • Filtrete Ultimate Allergen Healthy Living 1900 Air Filter
  • AprilAire Allergy + Pet True HEPA Air Purifier Replacement Filter
  • Filtrete Ultra Allergen Healthy Living 1500 Air Filter
  • Honeywell HRF-ARVP300 HEPA Filter & Pre-Filter Combo Pack
  • Filtrete Elite Allergen Reduction Healthy Living 2200 Air Filter

We'll go over the pros and cons of each of these picks so you can have confidence you're making the right decisions for you and your loved ones.


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