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By: Kaitlyn Schott on December 3rd, 2021

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4 Vital Things to Look for When Hiring a New Plumber

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When the sh*t hits the fan, you’re going to be overwhelmed, stressed, and upset. You know you have to call a plumber, but which one? How do you choose?

At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, we know that if your plumbing stops working, your day grinds to a halt. You don’t want to settle with a plumber that will not be the perfect fit for you (and your budget). That’s why we created this easy guide to help you narrow down your top contenders. 

By the end of this article, I guarantee you will know in detail why these aspects are important to consider when looking for a new plumber:

  • Experience - How long a plumbing company has been in business.
  • Certifications - What sets them apart from other plumbing companies.
  • Reviews - Reviews on a plumbing company’s services.
  • Professional website - A detailed website.

If you keep these four things in mind when you look for a plumber, you can find the perfect one for you.


1. Experience in the Industry

The #1 fact in the plumbing industry is every job is going to be different. Factors like the following list can contribute to your plumbing’s unique needs and problems:

  • When your home was built
  • Your area’s water hardness
  • Your water heater type
  • The surrounding area you live in
  • How often you use chemical drain cleaners

And this is a sliver of what can affect your plumbing. If a plumbing company doesn’t have experience, they won’t know how to account for different factors contributing to your plumbing problems while following local code. They also won’t be able to give you the correct options that will fix your issue.


2. Plumbing Certifications

Another metric you can use to judge a plumbing company is by checking out their:

  • Awards - These can be found on websites like Angie’s List or Yelp.
  • Certifications - These can be found on the manufacturer’s websites, such as Noritz, Navien, and Takagi. Certifications can also be part of a plumbing company’s training.

These factors are verification from outside parties that show a plumbing company is legitimate and/or will solve your plumbing problems well.


3. Quality Appointment Reviews

Can the plumbing company back up its claims with reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook?

    • Positive reviews - If people are happy with the plumbing company’s service, chances are you will too! Look for your plumbing problem specifically in the reviews to find your dream company. 
  • Quantity of reviews - More reviews mean a good amount of happy customers, quality service, and a professional mentality.

Also, look out for bad or mediocre reviews. These will give you insight into how a plumbing company handles any issues that do come up. 

Keep these questions in mind on your search:

  • Does that company bury their head in the sand and pretend there isn’t a problem?
  • Do they find a way to take care of that customer? 
  • Are they constantly improving?

Asking these questions ahead of time will give you peace of mind that they’re going to find a way to help you no matter what.


4. Professional Website

When you look a the plumbing company’s website, does it have:

  • Quality pictures
  • Useful information 
  • A great user experience
  • A wide range of services
  • Forms to fill out

Websites are how plumbing company’s show the world what they’re made of in this day and age. If they put time, effort, and quality information on their website, they’re invested in helping you even before you become a customer.


How Do You Choose the One?

If your plumber has the experience, certifications, clientele, and professionalism you’re looking for, they’re probably right for you. But if you’re still not 100% sure, give them a call to really do some investigative work. 

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What can you do if you’re considering us? Give us a call at (310) 853-8690 or fill out our Online Scheduler if you are ready to work with us. We’ll set you up with the best tech for your specific job.

And if it turns out that we’re not an excellent fit, still reach out to us. We can answer any of your plumbing questions to help you find the right plumber for you.