Flow-Tech device

Flow-Tech: What It Is and How it Saves You Cash

Do you live in Southern California? Then you have hard water. Hard water blocks your pipes, builds up on your appliances, and damages your skin and hair. If given enough time, hard water can destroy everything in its path. Think of it like teens raiding a fully stocked fridge.

Don’t lose hope just yet. There is a way to stop hard water’s destruction with water treatment options. Right up front, we want to tell you we’re a plumbing company that offers these options we’re going to mention, as do other plumbers.

You can get a water softener to fix the white buildup. But, some homeowners dislike the slick feeling it gives the water. So what can you get if you don’t want hard water and don’t want your water feeling slippery?

A water conditioner like Flow-Tech can help. By the end of this post, we promise that you’ll know what it is, what it can do, how it works, and where it can save you money.

So why wait? Read on.

Flow-Tech installed into a tankless water heater

What’s Flow-Tech? The Water-Softener Alternative


Let’s get to it. What’s Flow-Tech, and what does it really do?

Flow-Tech is a device for whole-home water treatment. It’s installed near your tankless or tank-style water heater and where city water enters the unit. It uses low-level frequencies to prevent scale buildup. It makes the minerals in hard water temporarily stick to each other instead of your pipes or your body.

Let’s simplify this definition with an example. I like to think of it like this.

Flow-Tech’s frequencies work like those little experiments we did back in grade school. It’s like when we played with magnets and sewing needles to make a DIY compass. Rubbing the magnet against the needle temporarily magnetized it, making it stick to certain things.

In this case, the low-level frequencies would be Flow-Tech’s “magnet,” temporarily making the minerals in the water stick together. The harmless minerals then wash down the drain.


What Can Flow-Tech Do?


Okay, so buildup washes away, but what does that mean for you? In layman’s terms, Flow-Tech does the following:

  • Prevents calcium buildup - Flow-Tech’s anti-scaling abilities prevent limestone buildup from developing. So, your appliances last longer and are more efficient.

  • Breaks apart previous build-up - That’s right! If you’re late to the anti-scale party, a Flow-Tech unit can even get rid of scale already built up in the pipes.

  • Works without adding stuff to water - Flow-Tech works without any salt or chemicals.

  • Works without removing stuff from water - The system does not remove good minerals like calcium and magnesium. Removal of these minerals causes the slick feeling in water softeners.

This means Flow-Tech can protect your things while fighting hard water.

White scale buildup in pipes.

White scale clogging pipes

How Can Flow-Tech Save Me Cash?


Due to Flow-Tech’s hard water fighting abilities, it can save you some serious cash in the long run. And who doesn’t like some extra spending money?

Flow-Tech can save you money because it:

  • Works efficiently - Flow-Tech only requires a small amount of energy to work, less than a night light.

  • Reduces cleaning time - Since Flow-Tech keeps gross soap scum from sticking to your body, you will get cleaner faster and use less soap. The same goes for your clothes.

  • Extends the life of household items - Hard water can damage anything that comes into contact with it. Having a Flow-Tech protects your possessions from breaking down fast.

To expand on our last point, we’ve made a table below to show you what items Flow-Tech can protect:

Flow-Tech can extend the life of these things

Are you surprised by some of these? Not only can hard water clog up your fixtures, but it can also etch into glass doors and cups, making them appear cloudy. If that happens and you’re either moving or hate the sight of hazy glass, your best option is to replace them.

Note: There is a way to save glass objects etched by hard water, but it takes a lot of time, know-how, and tools. If the etching is too deep, however, the glass object may be a lost cause. Depending on your situation and the cost of your shower door (minimum of $150), you may want to consider this route.


What’s Next?


Now that we’ve gone over the basics of a Flow-Tech system and how it can save you money, we want to show you just how hard your water can be. The U.S. Geological Survey website has a fantastic Map of Water Hardness in the United States so that you can get an idea.

Talk to your plumber about water treatment and Flow-Tech today, or if you’re in LA, give Monkey Wrench Plumbing a ring at 310-773-3882. We can help you get a detailed report on what’s in your water so that you can make an informed decision.

Remember! There’s no one size fits all option for water treatment. There’s only the best fit for you.