Tankless water heater error codes aren’t the end of the world and are actually fairly common. While not every brand abides by the same error code, each one has error codes that are more common than others. Takagi tankless water heaters are no different, and today, we’re looking at Takagi error code 111.

We’ve spent over 15 years diagnosing and treating tankless water heater error codes around Los Angeles County and its surrounding cities. Of those 15-plus years, we’ve worked directly with Takagi, giving us a deep understanding of how these machines work inside and out.

In this article, we’ll let you know what error code 111 means and how to fix it. In the interest of transparency, you will need the help of a professional to get this error code squared away correctly.

One last housekeeping item before we jump in. Some articles out there advise you to unplug your Takagi tankless water heater to clear the error code. This practice does not resolve the error code’s underlying issue, and the code will be back.

Now that we’ve cleared that up let’s dive in with a quick overview of what Takagi error code 111 means.

What Does Takagi Error Code 111 Mean?

You’ll run into Takagi error code 111 when your tankless water heater experiences ignition failure. Ignition failure means that the tankless water heater’s burner can’t light. While ignition failure sounds pretty open and shut, there are several underlying issues that may be causing the failure.

Typical causes for ignition failure include an inadequate amount of gas getting to the gas supply or gas valve. Ignition failure is also indicative of a bad igniter or a blown fuse. In any case, you’ll be out of hot water until you get this error code diagnosed and resolved.

So, How Do You Fix Takagi Error Code 111?

Due to the complexity of error code 111, you likely won’t be able to resolve the issue without the help of a professional. So, the first thing you’ll want to do is get in contact with a certified technician.

Once your technician arrives, they will conduct a full inspection of your Takagi tankless water heater. Your technician will also inspect your plumbing system to ensure the issue with your tankless water heater isn’t linked to problems taking shape elsewhere in your system.

After the technician has completed their inspection, they’ll have narrowed down the root of the issue to the gas supply, gas valve, bad igniter, or blown fuse. Luckily, while these issues take some know-how to fix, they’re relatively simple fixes that your technician will be able to square away on the same day. The only issue would be if your technician couldn’t get a hold of a part on the same day, which is unlikely in this specific situation.

To wrap up their visit, your technician will likely recommend annual maintenance so that you can avoid issues like this from popping up in the future. Maintenance ensures that your tankless water heater is running its best and that a technician catches issues that could lead to Takagi error code 111 before they can fully take over.

Having Other Problems?

Takagi error code 111 is an annoying one since it denies your home hot water, but there are plenty of other issues that can pop up over the course of owning your Takagi tankless water heater. For example, even a simple maintenance code like error code 991 can turn into a larger issue if untreated.

A smart move for any tankless water heater owner is understanding the most common error codes in their area. Having this knowledge will ensure you treat each error code with the urgency they may require. Brush up on the most common Takagi tankless water heater error codes in Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas.

Familiarizing yourself with these error codes can come in handy in certain circumstances, like in areas with hard water. Some error codes can tip you off that hard water is wreaking havoc on your tankless water heater’s heat exchanger, like error code 711. While it may be too late to save your heat exchanger if this error code pops up, smaller codes like 991 can hint that your tankless water heater needs some attention.

Up to Speed on Takagi Error Code 111

We’ve touched on what Takagi error code 111 means, how to resolve it, and a few tips on annual maintenance for good measure. Now, you can confidently call in for help and explain your issue clearly, so you can get your issue resolved quickly and correctly the first time around.

We’ve worked with Takagi for over 13 years, giving us a keen understanding of how these tankless water heaters work. With that knowledge, we’ve helped our Los Angeles residents and those in its surrounding areas resolve error codes just like error code 111.

If you’re having trouble resolving an error code or don’t know where to start, visit our tankless water heater service page or click one of the below buttons to book a consultation.

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