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By: Rogelio Alvarez on January 23rd, 2023

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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Shower Valve in My Home?


Unless you enjoy being stinky, chances are you shower daily. Showering is a vital part of our everyday lives, yet many people are stuck with a showerhead with weak water flow. Think about how amazing it would be if you came out of your shower not only cleaner but feeling luxurious thanks to your new shower valve assembly.

If you imagined the previous sentence in your head, it sounds like you need a new shower assembly. Your current showerhead shows signs of rust, or the shower handle isn't as handy as it once was. At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air, we've replaced countless showerhead assemblies with and accumulated decades of combined experience. 

Let us guide you as you navigate the world of shower plumbing costs and price factors. Our insider knowledge will help you make the best purchasing decision that provides you with the shower assembly you have always dreamed of! 

The average shower valve replacement cost is between $2,200 to $3,600. The final price can fluctuate depending on several factors, which will touch on in the remainder of this guide.


The Factors That Affect Shower Valve Replacement Costs

There isn't a universal set price for shower assembly replacement because multiple factors affect the cost. Instead of having a final price across different plumbing companies, there are cost ranges and averages, giving you a better idea of the specific service costs.

Here are the key factors determining the final price for a shower replacement in your home. 

  • Type of Shower Valve Assembly
  • Type of Showerhead 
  • Brand


Type of Shower Valves Assembly 

Shower valve assemblies are the fixtures that help control hot and cold water flow and temperature. Plumbers and bathroom renovation experts refer to the valves as the heart of a shower. With the proper shower valve assembly, showers would be more enjoyable with water flow and temperature control. 

The price range for shower valves can range from under $100 to a few thousand dollars. Here's a closer look at the three main shower valves and their price range. 

  • Pressure Balancing Shower Valve: Do you already have a setup with a single temperature knob? You likely have a pressure-balancing shower valve designed to maintain a balanced flow between hot and cold water. The handle can be a single lever, cross, or knob and is marked with hot and cold so you can freely adjust it to your preference. This shower valve can cost you from under $100 to about $500.
  • Thermostatic Shower Valve: This valve uses a thermostat to maintain the water temperature and keeps the water at that temperature even after it's turned off. It also has two handles; one controls the water flow, and the other controls the water temperature. Thermostatic shower valves also have an anti-scald feature that can prevent scorching water burns. These valves are higher in price and can cost between $500 to about $2,000.
  • Diverter Shower Valve: Unlike the two previous shower valves, a diverter valve is an additional fixture to install if you want two fixtures releasing water. It is also the most common setup in shower assemblies. The most common reason a diverter valve is installed is for tub spouts and shower head combo kits. The valve by itself can cost just under $50 to $300.

The valves behind a shower are just one of many parts that make up a shower assembly. The shower valve you choose plays a huge role in the total cost, but it isn't the only factor. 


Types of Showerheads 

The showerhead dispenses water and is available in multiple sizes and designs. Although it serves a simple function, it is one of the fixtures in a bathroom that can elevate the appearance of a shower. 

  • Fixed Showerhead: The fixed showerhead is the most common type you will mount to a wall. These showerheads are basic and provide one constant flow of water. It is also available in a multi-function where you can choose between different water spraying patterns. The most basic wall-mounted showerheads are under $50, while high-end ones made of polished chrome can cost about $2,000.
  • Rain Showerhead: Rain showerheads are like fixed showerheads, except they have larger diameters. Their larger size can provide more water flow to a broader surface area if your shower has great water pressure. A single or multi-function rain showerhead can cost between $50-$1,000, with an average price of around $500. 
  • Handheld Showerhead: One of the most popular showerhead designs, the handheld showerhead makes bathing more versatile for people with limited mobility or people trying to get their dog a bath. It can remain in place like a fixed showerhead or can be detached and extended freely with the attached hose. These showerheads can cost between $200 to $1,500.
  • Dual Showerhead: The dual showerhead is the least commonly seen fixture in a shower. These 2-in-1 showerheads combine a handheld shower with a fixed showerhead. You can find these available in most hardware stores priced between $30 to $500, depending on if you want single or multi-function showerheads. 
  • Filtered Showerhead: Filtered showerheads are designed to reduce the amount of scale, chlorine, and hard water that comes into contact with you. Hard water can increase the chances of frizzy hair and dry skin. The average price of a filtered showerhead is $200, plus the $20 average cost of purchasing a new filter every six months. 

Most showerheads are sold on their own or as a part of kit assemblies that include shower handles and valves. 


Shower Assembly Brands

Different brands sell showerheads and kits. Out of all these brands, only five rank above the rest. 

Multiple brands specialize in manufacturing and selling bathroom fixtures, including showerhead kits and assemblies. The best brands provide shower assemblies that can fit any budget. They also offer shower kits in different finishes, so you can choose one that matches your bathroom’s aesthetic. 


Making the Best Shower Replacement Purchase 

A spa is one of the best ways to unwind and relax. Your home's shower is one of the fixtures in your home that you can improve and help you feel like you're in a spa. 

Whether for an appearance upgrade or replacing an old shower kit, a new shower assembly is a cost-effective way to improve your bathroom. As you shop for a new kit, you must know the price range for replacing your shower. 

At Monkey Wrench Plumbing, Heating & Air, we've seen firsthand the factors driving shower replacement costs up and down. We've replaced showers in hundreds of homes across Los Angeles county. Our insider experience will help you prepare for any shower replacement purchase you make. 

If you have any questions about drains and plumbing for your home, don't hesitate to contact us online or call us at (310) 853-8690. If you are seeking to replace your toilet soon, check out this article on how much it costs to replace one. 



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