What Should I Do If My Noritz System Shows an Error Code?

Noritz tankless water heaters provide high-quality services to residential and commercial users across the nation. Benefits of using a Noritz tankless system include reduced energy bills and improved hot water delivery. However, there are many reasons a tankless water heating system may show an error code. If you see an error code, don’t freak out, and don’t ignore it either. The error codes are designed to alert users to a potential problem in the system. Calling a licensed contractor is helpful in such situations, but you can also take steps to ensure your system is working properly and safely.

Here are 7 common Noritz tankless error codes and what you can do:

  1. Error Code 11. This code alerts you to an ignition failure in your water heating system. This means that your system is not firing up, which could be caused by an insufficient gas supply, debris on the ignition plug, or not enough airflow. You can check to see if the gas is turned on, and call a technician to come inspect the system. Depending on the situation, the technician will ensure the ignition plug is attached and free of debris, the gas valve is open, and the exhaust vent is not obstructed.
  2. Error Code 12. Frustrated at the perpetually cold water coming from your taps? An error code 12 will let you know what the problem is. It means the system has too low of a flame to adequately heat the water, leaving you with an uncomfortably cold shower. In this situation, you can call a contractor to adjust the gas valve or airflow to increase the flame.
  3. Error Code 16. If you see this error code, it means that there was a sudden spike in outlet water temperature. Scale buildup, which often reduces the transfer of heat in the water system, can cause this by forcing the system to burn hotter. Hard water (notorious in SoCal) may also be the problem. A contractor can perform a descaling procedure to remedy the issue and make sure your water heater is working efficiently.
  4. Error Code 29. A problem with condensate drainage will cause this error code to show. Condensate drain lines remove the condensed water from the system through a neutralizer that reduces its acidity. If the drain line becomes clogged or improperly drains the condensate water, it may flood the burner. If this error appears, call a technician to come and inspect the drainage lines to make sure they are not blocked and are properly connected.
  5. Error Code 73. This error code shows up if there is an incorrect circuit board setting. For example, if you change a dip switch or jumper connection while the power is on to the heater, it may cause a problem. An improperly programmed circuit board can also trigger this error code. However, you can take action to remedy the situation yourself. Just unplug the heater for 30 seconds and plug it back in. This should take care of the problem, but if not, just call a contractor to come and check the circuit board.
  6. Error Code F76. This code correlates with a Quick Connect Cord. If your system has 2 tankless water heaters that are connected using the Quick Connect Cord, and there is more than 1 remote hooked up, it may cause a malfunction. If you see this code, inspect the system and make sure only 1 remote is attached to the tankless units. You can also call a technician if the error code doesn’t go away.
  7. Error Code 90. A combustion problem can cause this error code. This usually occurs when there is an improper combination of fuel and airflow in the system. Other causes are debris in the fan motor, not enough gas supply to the system, or a clogged fuel vent. A contractor can come inspect the system’s dip switches, gas pressures, and venting length to fix the issues.

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