Halloween Plumbing Tips: When Pumpkins Strike Back

You hear a knock at your door. It’s October 31st. Statistically speaking, you’ll either open your door to be greeted by a gaggle of trick-or-treaters or to be helped by a team of plumbers (the real kind, not the costume kind). Although we may not be talking about a 50/50 statistical chance here, you’d be surprised at the frequency of this occurrence all the same.

Why the need for plumbers during this fanciful holiday? Around Halloween each year, a seasonal epidemic occurs. Amidst the fall-themed festivities and costume-clad partygoers lies a mushy monster, made up of stringy, moist fibers and coated with orange goo – truly a villain out of the seediest pulp fiction novel. It is often mindlessly disposed of and goes largely unnoticed – that is, until it takes its dirty revenge.

The Dangers of Pumpkin Pulp

That’s right, we’re talking about pumpkin pulp. Unbeknownst to many, pumpkin pulp is a regular culprit for clogged drains and compromised pipes. As you carve into your first jack-o-lantern of the season, think twice before tossing its guts through the garbage disposal. This slimy culprit can harden later and require some serious plumbing assistance to remove.

For those of you who think you’ve found the answer by flushing pumpkin pulp down the toilet – you’re not off the hook either. Toilets simply push the clog deeper into the pipe and become a disaster waiting to happen. Our team has spent many a day scraping pumpkin guts out of the depths of a home’s plumbing system.

Tips for Preventing Pumpkin Pulp Plumbing Problems

The prevention of pumpkin pulp plumbing problems (say that ten times fast) is easy as pie. Don’t forego your annual jack-o-lantern carving fest altogether! Make a few simple changes and enjoy a worry-free Halloween.

Carving a pumpkin? Keep it clean with these tips:

  1. Set up a newspaper parameter
  2. Carve your pumpkin on top of the newspaper
  3. Wrap up all guts and goo into the newspaper
  4. Dispose of the newspaper in your trashcan
  5. Or empty the pumpkin guts into your compost pile

If you really want to get into the spirit of things, consider saving the seeds and toasting them for a healthy, tasty treat later on. At the end of the night, when all the trick or treaters have gone and you are left with your glowing jack-o-lanterns, you can rest easy knowing that pumpkin pulp revenge just isn’t in the books for you, and that the only plumbers you’ll see this Halloween are the costume kind.

Read this blog too late? If your drains are already clogged and you suspect pumpkin pulp is the slimy culprit, reach out to our team of Los Angeles plumbers to take care of the problem.