Monkey Wrench at Property Management Expo

Monkey Wrench Plumbing went on live display recently at the Property Management Expo in the Ontario Convention Center. The Expo involved a slew of companies coming together for a day and setting up booths to promote their services. This was our very first trade show, and it was pretty informative as well as a great platform for us to capitalize on our own exposure.

A while back I had met Mike Pistole of American Water Heater Co. and Megan Tassel of Takagi Tankless Water Heater Co. for lunch, and after some good kosher food and business talk we came up with the idea of a possible collaboration. In most cases, water heater manufacturers are required to sell through wholesale suppliers, which means that at trade shows the end user can’t buy directly from the suppliers and need to go through licensed plumbers. And the plumbers generally buy from wholesale suppliers as well. We thought we’d nix most of that headache by joining forces and committing to working together. Monkey Wrench Plumbing is a service representative for both companies, American Water Heater, and Takagi Tankless Water Heater. We teamed up together for the Expo and created a fully visual display featuring a 100 gallon commercial water heater, and a bank of TH3 condensing tankless water heaters – built and set up to look exactly as it would after an installation in a 12-unit building.

While the traffic around each booth wasn’t crazy (aside for the Starbucks booth in the lobby – that place had a never-ending line, and the slowest drip coffee I’ve ever seen! It was like they were picking their beans in Columbia!!), many people came by our booth and stopped to check it out simply because of the wicked display. And believe it or not, lots of those people had a question or two about water heaters. Or maybe they just wanted to score a pack of our Wrench Mint momentos?

Thankfully, I brought along my wife – since she attracted the most foot traffic to our booth. Not that the swarms of men that flocked to her gave a damn about plumbing or water heaters, but we were happy to collect their business cards nonetheless and they were happy to get a kiss for it. A Hershey’s kiss, that is.

We’re definitely considering joining in this Expo again next year, and are on the lookout for other great trade shows that can showcase our products and services.